Eugene Richards. Dorchester Days


Автор: Юджин Ричардс
Издательство:  Phaidon
Язык:  Английский
Объем: 108 стр.

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This is Eugene Richards’ 1972 photographic essay, a social document of his home town of Dorchester, Massachusetts, previously only self-published. The book includes additional pictures and a text that speaks of racial tension, violence, poverty and crime, tackling such subjects as the Klu Klux Klan in a way that he did not feel able to at the time of the original publication. On the basis of «Dorchester Days», Richards became a member of Magnum Photos in 1978, leaving to work independently in 1994. His style has set the standard for leading photojournalists such as James Nachtwey and Gilles Peress.


Габариты 30.3 × 21.9 × 1.5 cm


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